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This group hopes to stimulate discussion on the bread and butter issues that most affect everyday individuals and families directly.

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Progressive State of Mind Reference Center

This has been established as a reading and reference space for members and nonmembers to enjoy materials in a variety of subject matter areas including politics, economics, race, discrimination and ethno-cultural issues, international affairs, and more. If you would like to recommend an entry or make a contribution to the reference center to share with PSOM members and the rest of Newsvine, please let us know.

1. Race, Discrimination, Ethnocultural section

- 10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Protects White People in Every Aspect Imaginable
Submitted by Bernie-2591558 6/9/17

2. Feminism, Gender Equality women's Rights section

3. LGBTQ Rights section

4. Politics Section

-Trump Versus Comey: The Politics of Loyalty and Lying
Submitted by follow the money 7/10/17

5. Economics, Jobs, Unemployment section

6. Taxes section

7. Fiscal Issues section

8. Social Security and Medicare section

9. Health Care and Medicaid section

10. Cyber Security

- How An Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar
Submitted by Kenm77 6/23/17

11. Technology

12. Environment and Environmental Justice

13. Internstional Terrorism

14. Domestic Terrorism

- Most Of American Terrorists Are White, And Not Muslim
Submitted by Happily BLUE in Ohio 😎 6/24/17